BRU Foundation was started by Bricks R Us, Inc. in 2010 and is a 501c3 organization.

The Foundation is designed to assist those working families that have emergency bills.  An example of an Emergency Bill would be an electrical utility company, water utility company, mortgage company, rental payments, etc.

There are families that have paid their rent/mortgage for years and due to the recession or circumstances in their lives, are unable to pay the current payment, utilities or other emergency bills but are stable enough that if they had a little push (money), they would have the ability to go back to fulfilling their obligations.

We work with organizations that deal with these types of situations; it adds an extra security level of confidence that we are helping the right people. Another type of security measure is by paying directly to the company and not the individual.

Our volunteers are from the staff of Bricks R Us, Inc.  No salaries are paid from BRU Foundation. BRU Foundation's office expenses and salaries are paid by Bricks R Us, Inc. only. Money raised by donations will ONLY be used for emergency bills to families that have a child under the age of 16 and at least one member of the family who is currently employed. Our focus is more on the child or children of the family.

Bricks R Us has been engraving bricks for 25 years which brings the credibility to BRU Foundation. With the help of Bricks R Us, their customers* and those that become familiar with our unique cause, we will prevent the child/children who cannot bathe in their parentsí home due to the water being turned off or the family that has to live in their car for the evening to be more comfortable due to not having air conditioning since their electricity was turned off. 

Your tax deductible donations allows us to help others. 

We thank you in advance for your support!





*Bricks R Us does not solicit their customers for a donation, they are made aware of the cause when using the Online Ordering System. Bricks R Us does not allow any of the information received by customers or potential customers to be used by BRU Foundation. No relatives or friends of any employee of Bricks R Us can receive assistance by BRU Foundation.