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BRU Foundation: Bridging the Gap for Children and their Families

Families are often faced with the dilemma of paying their emergency bills such as water, electric, mortgage or rental payments. This causes a big problem for the family but most of all to the child or children. If you are having trouble in paying your emergency bills, we are here to assist you in paying those bills.

BRU Foundation takes all the effective measures to ensure a family has a sure way of paying an emergency bill. We do the best we can to give you a 100% guarantee of paying your bills in the fast and reliable way. Here, we are more focused on the welfare of the child or children in the family and we make sure to make their life convenient by giving them best service.

Emergency Bill Payment Assistance

Are you having a difficult time in acquiring the money to pay your emergency bills? You do not have to worry because we are here to assist you in the best way we can. Our kind and dedicated staff do the best they can in giving full support to your payment needs. With our sincerity, determination, and expertise, you are assured your bills are paid in no time.

Donations for Your Payment Needs

We would not leave you behind in settling your expenses. We are highly certified acquiring donations to fit your needs. Our staff would do the best they can to fulfill your expectations. We prioritize the child or children in the family so if the family has a child under the age of 16, the donated money goes to the family of the child.

Volunteer Work at its Best

With expertise, we also have the determination and willingness to do volunteer work for you. We give you the best assistance that you could trust. Our staff is diligent and passionate in reaching our goal to help you pay your emergency bills. We do the best we can by exerting big efforts in the work we are doing. Hence, you do not have to worry about paying your bills.

Comfort and Satisfaction Guaranteed

BRU Foundation does the best it could not only to assist you in paying your emergency bills but also to make sure you have the satisfaction you need. Thanks to the big help of Bricks R Us, Inc. we are able to make a difference in your life and the life of your children. We ensure you would have a convenient life but not worrying at all of making emergency payments.

We are here to serve you in the best way we can be. By bridging the gap for children and families, we give a full guarantee of having an amazing life for them.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Call us with these numbers 800-694-8202 and experience the best service you deserve. Here at BRU Foundation, we not only assist you in your payment needs but we treat you as a family as well. You can be sure, with us, you have the satisfaction you need.

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