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Why Choose Us

BRU Foundation has started in 2010 as an organization that helps people with their life-changing needs. Now, we take pride to give a new face to what service truly means. And this is made possible by our free service – the emergency bill payment assistance.

Currently, BRU Foundation offers full assistance to the homeowners through emergency bill payment processing. Whether it is an electric utility bill, a water bill, a mortgage rental payment, and any other bills paid by families, we got you covered. This works by letting our expert staff handle the payment or guiding you paying your pending bills to any billing organizations. So, if you are looking for an organization that will work with you in a reliable and professional way, there is no need to go farther. We are here to assist you. But why is it that you have to choose us? Here are the reasons:

Secure Fund Distribution

Our advocacy partners are assisting us in securing the federal funding in order to help the low-income families to receive the emergency bill payment assistance. And of course, our in-house staff are securing that the funds are effectively distributed to those who deserve it. This means that right people get the assistance. The donated amount of money will only be used for emergency bills. In addition, the money to be paid for the bills is directly paid to the billing company and not to the individual.

Donations Directly Go to Emergency Bill Assistance

The funds and the donations are only spent for the emergency bills. Our staff is paid by BRU Foundation and our expenses are paid by Bricks R Us, Inc. So, you have ensured that your donations go through with our less fortunate families needing your help.

We Focus on Low-Income Families

Low-income families who have children under the age of 16 or only one member employed are covered by our services. These people are the reason why BRU Foundation exists. We understand your failures of not paying your bills from the past due to any life circumstances (maybe because you have priorities for expenses).

Let us fulfill your obligation! And through this, we can make difference to the lives of children and families. Hence, no more children will suffer from water lack when they need to take a bath, no one will struggle against the dark when they need to study their lessons at night, or no families will become homeless of not paying their mortgage rentals.

We Are Experienced On What We Do

Fulfilling this kind of service to the people takes a lot of time and effort to become successful. And for more than 25 years of helping the people, we are certain that we understand the entire process. Leave the job to the expert.

Donate today! Your donations can make a difference. Let us be one in helping the people and their children live a life with an abundance of water, light, and shelter. You can call us at 800-694-8202 for any inquiries.

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